Email Signatures = Interactive Emails

The Inside Story can be used in many different ways for your marketing. In addition to having it on your website, you may also want to feature it in your email signature. This way, with every email you send to a prospective or current customer, they will be able to flip through and read a very impressive profile of your business!

The email signature is one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools you will ever encounter on the internet due to the email signatures containing very important information about the business.  Why not opt to incorporate a professionally written, implied third party endorsed, digitized company profile into the signature of your email?  The “INSIDE STORY” is not only  impressive, this interactive digital flip serves to entice individuals to click links contained within your email signature or to contact you through other means of communication.  Remarkable as it may be, it also serves as an extension of your name brand identity.
  • Does your email signature serve as a branding tool?
  • Does your signature convey professionalism?
  • Does the signature of your email serve as a promotional tool for the business?
  • Would you consider your email signature a social networking tool, like a business card?

Take Advantage of Your Email Signature. Email signatures can be converted into powerful, low-cost, high-return marketing tools (a virtual business card or ad) so to speak. Instead of signing off with just your name and a “Thanks”, consider incorporating your “INSIDE STORY” into the signature of your email. Provide recipients with not only your clear contact information, but also with an impressive, interactive digital profile of the company’s purpose.  Invite readers to engage and learn more.  Use it to extend company branding and make a huge impact on your prospective customer and business associates.  Incorporating your company’s profile into the signature of your email will yield a powerful impact.

Example of an "Inside Story" in an Email Signature

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